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Finnesloftet – a medieval hall from 1295

Finnesloftet is a wooden building that dates from the same time period as the Stave churches. They also share many construction and design elements, however Finnesloftet served a very different purpose. The building is a medieval hall – the only one of its kind that is still standing. The «Hall» as a concept dates back to the Viking Age and is mentioned in the Sagas. In medieval times the Hall would be one of several buildings on the farm of a wealthy landowner. It was considered a suitable place to receive and honour guests with food, beer and good company.

From July 3rd there are guided tours of the loft at 6pm and 7pm. There will also be concerts during the summer.

Events in Finnesloftet summer 2019

July 7th         Fem Drager 7pm

July 14th      Tonje Halbjørhus og Bjørnar Brandseth 7pm

August 4th    Gabriel Fliflet

August 11th Tore Brunborg og Irene Tillung 6pm

August 18th Signe Førre "Det er så fagert i Finnesloftet" with Jo Asgeir Lie and Kåre Opheim

August 23rd Kari Finne Sognnæs og Svein Are Mørkve

August 25th Fortellerstund med Astri Sudmann



Tickets can be bought at or at the hostel

Check out the events at Finnesloftet Facebook page

For more information please contact:

Voss Vandrarheim:

56 51 20 17
97 59 38 88